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The Private Institute of Dynamic Logic represents the theoretical and scientific basis of our work with DyLogos.

The foundation of our work is the concept of General Dynamic Logic. The concept of logic describes in general the sober reasoning and moreover its teaching, which is also described as the doctrine of thinking. The classical logic plays a central role in many disciplines and has established itself especially in mathematics, computer science and philosophy as an own subfield.
The General Dynamic Logic contains and connects these well-known logic methods with each other. The special feature of this logic model is the extension by dynamics and fuzziness. In the application this means that the user has the possibility to define premises and conclusions dynamically or fuzzily and thus does not have to commit itself to a concrete value. Furthermore, in General Dynamic Logic the concept of axioms plays a fundamental role. Axioms are fixed rules. In the context of the application it is possible to represent the axiomatic structure as well as the arrangement of the axioms dynamically. A system based on the concept of General Dynamic Logic is able to react to changing input values or data and can also dynamically adapt the decision calculus to different circumstances. The software application DyLogos is such a system.


Do you have further questions about the Private Institute for Dynamic Logic, about the company Dylogos or about an individual project? Then feel free to contact us by e-mail or visit the website of the Private Institute for Dynamic Logic:


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